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Villa Helidona in Crete - private pool villa


Luxury Villas in Crete - Falasarna

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• The Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens
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Minoan figurine pictures collection from greek museums
Each thumbnail photo is a link to a larger version of the same photograph.

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Knossos earth goddess

Knossos snake goddess. Faience statuette from the Temple Repositories in the palace of Knossos. Herakleion Archaeological Museum

Knossos female figure

Knossos female figure. Herakleion Archaeological Museum

Knossos snake god

Knossos earth goddess. Herakleion Archaeological Museum.

Knossos female goddess

Knossos female goddess. Herakleion Archaeological Museum.

female praying

Clay female statuette in praying posture. Herakleion Archaeological Museum

Minoan figurine

Koumasa vessel. Herakleion Archaeological Museum

clay figurines

Two male and one female figurine. From Sitia. Old Palace period (1800-1700 BC).  Herakleion Archaeological Museum.

minoan bull

The priceless Bull's head rhyton from the Little Palace of Knossos. This magnificent libation vessel was carved from a block of black steatite, with horns of gilded wood, eyes of inlaid rock crystal and jasper and nostrils of mother-of-pearl. Late Minoan II period (1450 BC.). Herakleion Archaeological Museum

praying statues

Praying statues with upraised arms comes from the Shrine of the Double Axes in the Palace of Knossos. Postpalatial period 13th cent. B.C. Herakleion Archaeological Museum

Goddess of fertility

Goddess of fertility. Clay statuettes. Herakleion Archaeological Museum.





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