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Ancient Olympic Games images collection - photo gallery
  Each thumbnail photo is a link to a larger version of the same photograph.


The museum of the history of the olympic games at Olympia

The Museum of the history of the Olympic Games at Olympia.

Attic red figure bell krater

Attic red figure bell krater. Depiction of a scene from the gymnasium. 4th cent. BC.

Attic black figure column krater

Attic black figure column krater. Depiction of a race for full-grown horses. From Athenian Acropolis. 550 BC.

Statue of a youth

Statue of a youth. Found in the building known as the house of Diadoumenos, on Delos. The youth is depicted nude, binding a ribbon in his hair, a feature that enables him to be identified as an athlete.

Scene from the palaestra

Scene from the palaestra. Two wrestlers are shown in action. On the left an athlet is ready to jump, on the right another one is preparing the pit. Found in Athens Kerameikos . About 510 BC.

Part of a grave stele

Part of a grave stele. The figure of a nude youth practicing with a ball in the palaestra is depicted in low relief. Found in Piraeus. 400 BC.

Red figure bell krater

Red figure bell krater. Depiction of athletes. From Olynthos. 360 BC.

Olive leaves

Olive leaves, fruit and branches of bronze.

Wrestling match

Panathenaic amphora. Depiction of a wrestling match. From Eretria. 360 BC.

Herakles wrestling

Attic black figure amphora. Depiction of Herakles wrestling with Nereus. From ancient Oisyme. 5th c. BC. Kavala archaeological museum.

Athletes depiction

Marble base with relief decoration. Depiction of athletes scraping themselves clean. From Acropolis Athens. 4th cent. BC. Athens Acropolis museum.

Games depiction

Polychrome mosaic. The composition includes a long-jumper, an athlete playing a game rather like modern hockey , and a discus-thrower. From a Roman house in Ipsila Alonia, Patra. 2nd cent AC. Patra , archaeological museum.

Boxing match

Attic black figure amphora. Depiction of a boxing match. From Tanagra . About 500 BC.

Inscribed stone

Inscribed stone. Dedicated by athlete Bybon. The inscription states that he lifted the stone (143.5 Kg) above his head with one hand. From Olympia. Late 7th c.BC.

Discus thrower

Attic red figure kylix. Depiction of a discus-thrower. From Ancient Agora, Athens. 480 BC.

Dolichos race

Attic black figure panathenaic amphora. Depiction of a dolichos (long-distance) race. From Kameiros Rhodes. About 500 BC. Rhodes Archaeological Museum.





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