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Mycenaean dagger - The lion hunt

Bronze mycenaean dagger

Bronze Mycenaean dagger

Mycenaean dagger

The large number of weapons which found in the tombs shows that the dead Mycenaeans were, among other, very good warriors. These are bronze big swords with elaborate handles from other materials - gold ivory, bone, stone - daggers, and knives-axes. Famous are the bronze daggers , with inlaid decoration in the blade of gold, silver and nickel with painted depictions. The finest and best known is the dagger from the tomb IV, which represents from the one side of the blade hunting lion from well-armed Mycenaeans. The hunters carry spears and bows, and protect themselves with tower-shaped and figure-of-eight shields. One lion has been hurt and a man lies on the ground, while two more lions escape. On the reverse, a lion hunts deer. These performances symbolize the valor of the Mycenaeans, who dare to fight with the strongest animals of the nature.

The photo shows a bronze dagger with inlaid decoration depicting a lion hunt.