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Ancient Greek theaters images collection - photo gallery
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The theater of Epidavros

The theater of Epidaurus. The most beutiful and the most harmonic of all, with a great accoustic. The architecture made by Polycleitos. It's capacity is 15.000 seats.

The theater of Dionysos

The theater of Dionysos. The auditorium of the theater of Dionysos is the most important building on the Southern Slope of the Acropolis.

The odeon of Herodus Atticus

The odeon of Herodus Atticus. In the shadow of Acropolis. Capacity about 5000 spectators.

The theater at Delphi

The theater of Delphi. The theater was built in the abrupt rock above the temple of Apollo and it's capacity was about 5000 spectators.

The theater at Dodona

The theater at Dodona. It was built during Pyrro's ages and it's capacity was about 17000 spectators.

The theater at Argos

The theater at Argos. It was built at the middle of 4th c.BC. and had a capacity of 15000 spectators.

The theater of  Mantineia at Peloponnese

The theater of Mantineia at Peloponnese.

The theater of  Megalopolis at Peloponnese

The theater of Megalopolis at Peloponnese. One of the biggest of all with a capacity of 20000 spactators. It was built at 370 BC.

The theater of  Chaironia

The theater of Chaironia. It was built at the base of the rock of the local acropole.

The theatre of  Oropos

The theatre of Oropos. It was built in the sanctuary of Amphiaraion at 2th.cent.BC.

The theatre of  Thorikos (Lavrion)

The theatre of Thorikos (Lavrion). It was built during the 5th cent. BC.

The theatre of  Peiraieus

The theatre of Peiraieus. It is near the port of Zea .About 2nd cent. BC.





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