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Bacchantes, see Maenads                                                                                                                Bacchus, see Dionysus
Balius, one of the Immortal horses of Achilles, born of Zephyrus and the harpy Podarge
Bellerophon, son of Glaucus, grandson of Sisyphus
Bia, the personification of violence, daughter of Pallas and the river Styx
Bienor, a Troyan, killed by Agamemnon
Bremusa, an Amazon, killed by Idomeneus
Briseis, daughter of Briseus, also known as Hippodamia; captured on a marauding expedition by Achilles ; cause of the quarrel between him and Agamemnon
Briseus, son of Ardys, brother of Chryses, father of Briseis,
Busiris, son of Poseidon and Lysianassa, cruel king of Egypt
Butes, son of Teleon, one of the Argonauts




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