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Talos, a giant, the last of the men of bronze, who kept watch over the Island of Crete; by one branch of tradition he is known as the father of Hephaestus           
Talus, nephew of Daedalus, murdered by his uncle, who was jealous of his great skill and craftsmanship  
Talthybius of Sparta, an Argive herald                   
Tantalides, the name by which the descendants of Tantalus were known           
Tantalus, son of Zeus and friend of the gods, to whom he served his own son Pelops; his punishment was to suffer eternal thirst, hunger, and the fear of death         
Tantalus, son of Niobe and Amphion, killed by Apollo        
Tantalus, son of Thyestes, killed by his uncle Atreus and served to Thyestes at a banquet        
Tecmessa, daughter of Teuthras, paramour of Ajax the Great, mother of Eurysaces     
Telamon, father of Ajax the Great, one of the Argonauts           
Telemachus, son of Odysseus and Penelope, who went in search of his father and helped him slay his mother's suitors on his return            
Telemus, son of Eurymus, the seer who foretold that Polyphemus would be blinded by Odysseus   
Telephus, son of Heracles and Auge, king of Mysia, father of Eurypalus          
Temenus, son of Aristomachus, one of the descendants of Heracles             
Termerus, a giant who killed all travellers by running at them with his forehead; Heracles destroyed him
Teucer, son of the river-god Scamander, first king of the Troad after whom its inhabitants were called Teucrians       
Teucer, half brother of Ajax the Great, son of Telamon and Hesione, one of the great Argive heroes of the Troyan war                 
Teuthrantius, half brother of Telephus, killed by Ajax     
Teuthras, king of Phrygia, father of Tecmessa              
Thalpius, one of the leaders of the Elians before Troy                
Thanatos see Death            
Theano, sister of Hecuba, wife of Antenor         
Themis, daughter of Uranus and Gaea, the goddess of Justice                 
Theoclymenus, a seer, son of Polypheides, taken to Ithaca by Telemachus            
Thermodoa, an Amazon, killed by Meriones   
Thersander, son of Polynices and Argia, one of the Epigoni             
Thersites, the ugliest man in the Argive host, loud-mouthed and quarrelsome; reproved and beaten by Odysseus and finally killed by Achilles         
Theseus, son of Aegeus and Aethra, descended from Erechtheus and Pelops; king of Athens, husband of Phaedra, father of Hippolytus                
Thesprotus, son of Lycaon, king of Epirus                
Thessalus, son of Jason and Medea             
Thetis, daughter of Nereus, wife of Peleus, mother of Achilles                    
Thoas, king of Lemnos, father of Hypsipyle            
Thoas, son of Andraemon, of Aetolia, one of the Argive leaders in the Troyan war      
Thoas, a Troyan, killed by Menelaus            
Thoas, king of the Tauri               
Thoon, a Troyan, killed by Antilochus              
Thootes, an Argive herald, 418
Thrasydemus, friend and charioteer of Sarpedon, killed by Patroclus           
Thrasymedes, son of Nestor and Anaxibia, brother of Antilochus          
Thyestes, son of Pelops and Hippodamia, brother of Atreus, father of Aegisthus       
Thymoetes, one of the Trojan elders             
Tiphys, helmsman of the Argo              
Tiresias, blind Theban seer, son of Eueres and Chariclo, father of Manto             
Tisamenus, son of Orestes and Hermione          
Tisander, youngest son of Jason and Medea             
Titans, six sons and six daughters of Uranus and Gaea, imprisoned in Tartarus          
Tithonus, father of Memnon             
Tityus, son of Zeus and Elare, punished for violating Latona by having vultures tear at his liver      
Tlepolemus, ruler of Rhodes, son of Heracles           
Toxaechmes, friend of Philoetetes, killed by Aeneas             
Triton, sea-god, father of Pallas            
Troilus, youngest son of Priam and Hecuba, killed by Achilles                
Tros, son of Erichthonius and Astyoche, father of Ilos              
Tros, a Trojan, son of Alastor, killed by Achilles                  
Tydeus, son of Oeneus, father of Diomedes, one of the Seven against Thebes               
Tyndareus, husband of Leda, father of Castor and Polydeuces and Clytaemnestra          
Tyndaridae, the name given to Castor and Polydeuces, the two sons of Tyndareus and Leda; also known as the Dioscuri, one branch of tradition referring to them as the sons of Zeus           
Typhoeus, youngest son of Tartarus and Gaea        
Typhon, identical with Typhoeus, father of the Nemean lion, the Lernean Hydra, the Chimaera, the Sphinx, and other monsters, by Echidna   






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