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Macaria, daughter of Heracles and Deianira, who sacrificed herself for the Heraclidae
Machaon, son of Asclepius and Epione, skilled in the art of healing
Maenads, the followers of Dionysus, who gave themselves up to his frenzied rites; also known as Bacchantes
Manto, daughter of Tiresias, who also possessed her father's gift of prophecy
Maris, a Troyan ally, brother of Atymnius, killed by Thrasymedes
Mecisteus, son of Echius, killed by Polydamas
Medea, daughter of Aeetes and Eidyia, sister of Absyrtus, wife of Jason; she was known as a sorceress, and killed her children to revenge herself for Jason's desertion of her
Medon, bastard son of Oileus, half brother of Ajax the Less, killed by Aeneas                                                   Medon, a Troyan ally, killed by Phlloctetes                                                                                                     Medon, a herald in Ithaca                                                                                                                              Medusa, one of the Gorgons, whose head was cut off by Perseus and had the power to turn men to stone          Megapenthes, son of Menelaus by a slave woman
Megara, daughter of Creon of Thebes, first wife of Heracles; afterwards given by him to Iolaus 
Meges, son of Phyleus, leader of the Dulichians in the Troyan war  
Melanippe, an Amazon, captured by Heracles                                                                                   Melanippus, a Troyan, son of Hicetaeon, killed by Antilochus                                                                  Melantheus, son of Dolon, faithless goatherd of Odysseus                                                                       Melantho, faithless handmaid in the palace of Odysseus, mistress of Eurymachus                                           Meleager, son of Oeneus of Calydon and Althaea; hero of the celebrated Calydonian boar hunt                          Memnon, beautiful son of Tithonus and Eos goddess of the dawn, king of the Ethiopians; after the death of        Hector he went to the aid of Priam, but was slain by Achilles                                                                            Memphis, wife of Epaphus, mother of Libya                                                                                                    Menelaus, son of Atreus, younger brother of Agamemnon, husband of Helen; one of the Argive leaders in the      Troyan war                                                                                                                                                   Menesthes, an Argive, killed by Hector                                                                                                           Menestheus, son of Peteus, leader of the Athenians in the Troyan war                                                             Menesthius, son of Spercheius and Polydore, one of Achilles' Myrmidons                                                         Menippus, an Argive, killed by the Amazon Clonia                                                                                          Menoeceus, father of Jocasta and Creon
Menoeceus, son of Creon of Thebes, who sacrificed himself for the sake of his city
Menoetius, father of Patroclus, one of the Argonauts
Menoetius, the herdsman of Hades, also known as Menoetes  
Mentes, king of the Cicones, whose form was assumed by Apollo on one of his appearances to Hector 
Mentes, son of Anchialus, leader of the Taphians, friend of Odysseus
Mentor, son of Alcimus, an Ithacan, friend of Odysseus, whose form Athene assumed when she appeared to Telemachus                                                                                                                                           Meriones, son of Molus and Melphis, a Cretan, one of the Argive heroes of the Troyan war  
Mermerus, a Troyan, killed by Antilochus 
Merope, wife of Polybus of Corinth, foster mother of Oedipus  
Merope, daughter of Cypselus of Arcadia, wife of Cresphontes  
Merops, a seer, maternal grandfather of Aesacus    
Mesthles, son of Talaemenes, leader of the Maeonians, an ally of the Troyans   
Metion of Athens, father of Daedalus        
Mimas, one of the giants, killed by Ares  
Minos, king of Crete, son of Zeus and Europa, husband of Pasiphae, grandfather of Idomeneus; in later legend he is represented as one of the judges of the dead in the underworld        
Minotaur, a Cretan monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man, offspring of Pasiphae and a bull; It was to house the Minotaur that Daedalus constructed the labyrinth    
Motion, an Argive, killed by Penthesilea          
Molion, a Troyan, killed by Odysseus    
Mopsus, son of Ampyx and the nymph Chloris, a seer who accompanied the Argonauts on their Journey
Morys, a Troyan ally, killed by Meriones
Mulius, a Troyan, killed by Achille                                                                                                               Mydon, a Troyan ally, killed by Antilochus                                                                                                   Myrtilus, son of Hermes, charioteer of Oenomaus, killed by Pelops




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