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Salmoneus, son of Aeolus, destroyed by Zeus for the usurpation of his name and sacrifices           
Sarpedon, son of Laodamia and Zeus, grandson of Bellerophon, prince of the Lycians and ally of Troy    
Scamander, god of the river of the same name, also known as Xanthus             
Scamandrius, a Troyan, killed by Menelaus            
Schedius, son of Iphitus, brother of Epistrophus, a Phocian, killed by Hector           
Sciron, a famous robber, who compelled travellers to wash his feet;  he was killed by Theseus    
Scylla, a sea monster opposite Charybdis in the strait between Sicily and Italy                 
Selene, goddess of the moon, daughter of the Titan Hyperion and Thela            
Semele, daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia, mother of Dionysus by Zeus              
Simois, a river-god               
Simoisius, a Troyan, son of Anthemion, killed by Ajax                
Sinnis, a robber, son of Poseidon, killed by Theseus             
Sinon, a kinsman of Odysseus, who persuaded the Troyans to take the wooden horse into Troy              Sipylus, son of Niobe and Amphion, killed by Apollo              
Sirens, the virgin daughters of Phorcys and one of the Muses; they lived on an island in the midst of the sea and lured men to death by the sweetness of their song              
Sisyphus, son of Aeolus, known for his craft and cunning; his punishment in Hades was to keep rolling a heavy stone to the top of a hill, only to have it roll down again and have to start all over          
Sleep, the son of Night, twin brother of Death                  
Socus, a Troyan, son of Hippasus, killed by Odysseus           
Sphinx, the monstrous offspring of Typhon and Echidna, sent to scourge Thebes for the murder of Lotus by Oedipus               
Stentor, one of the Arglves, who could shout as loudly as 50 men together                    
Sterope, daughter of Cepheus of Arcadia               
Sthenelus, son of Capaneus and Euadne, one of the Epigoni; brave companion and charioteer of Diomedes in the Troyan war 
Stichius, leader of the Boeotians, killed by Hector                                                                             Strophius, king of Phanote in Phocis                                                                                                     Syleus, son of Poseidon, king of Aulis                                                                                                  Syrinx, a hamadryad, courted by Pan and changed into a reed                    





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