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                                 Anniversary for the 2500 years of the battle of Marathon
Athens Marathon road Some 12,500 runners will line up in Marathon to participate in the 28th Athens Classic on October 31.
Some of the world’s top Marathon runners have confirmed their participation in the 28th Athens Classic Marathon, scheduled to take place on October 31.

This special version of the marathon along its original course, as it coincides with the 2,500th anniversary of the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC, will feature seven highly regarded Kenyan runners who will try to break the course record set on August 29, 2004 during the

Athens Olympic Games by Italy’s Stefano Baldini (2 hours, 10 minutes and 55 seconds).

Greek track and field federation SEGAS announced last week that among the 12,500 runners who have said they will take part in the 42.195-kilometer race from Marathon to Athens will be Jonathan Kosgei Kipkorir, who has a personal best of 2:07.31, which is the record among the participants.

More in Kathimerini's newspaper artcle of  Oct 11 2010:







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