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                         German scientists have identified the hippodrome of Ancient Olympia
Ancient Olympia Stadium The Hippodrome is buried southeast of the Stadium of Olympia. Germans geologists and specialists are in the traces of the hippodrome of Ancient Olympia, after 134 years of excavations, which is located below the ground.

The Hippodrome, which was considered lost, was not drifted by Alfeios river, as believed, has been detected during geomagnetical and geophysical surveys which took place in an area of 10.5 hectares for first time by German scientists in collaboration with the Antiquities Ephorate of Ancient Olympia.

The Hippodrome is buried to a maximum depth of 4.5 meters southeast of the stadium to the Olympic Academy. It is believed that Hippodrome has one kilometer length, a width of 64 metres and the only thing missing is the excavation confirmed of the finding by opening sections in areas where will be designated by the scientists.

The ephor of Antiquities of Olympia Geia Hatzi maintains the typical scientific reservations: «Without the excavation confirmation we can not say yet that the Hippodrome of Ancient Olympia was found. But there are some serious first signs ».

About when the excavation is about to begin, the deputy manager of the German Archaeological Institute Dr Zenf notes:
«We have requested the approval of the Ministry of Culture to make some real excavation cuts next April. And then, just when we remove the soil, we know ».

«The geo-radar and geomagnetic detectors can investigate the subsoil at 4-5 meters in depth. It is a very difficult investigation, because it is known from the ancient times that the area flooded and loaded with soil to a height of 7 meters. Afterwards Alfeios changed direction and drifted a very large amount of these layers of soil. Thus prevailed the aspect that the hippodrome drifted by the river. The territory in the upper layers is full of wells, canals and traces of the crops. There are indications that in some points at least, the ancient layer is left intact under the soil layers in-depth of 1.5 - 2 m. »adds Dr Zenf.

According to him, the detailed earth observations with georantar and detailed magnetic measurements suggested the existence of large repositories with rich material of , fragments of sculptures, architectural members and pottery of the Archaic and Classical periods.

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