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                                                            The Propylaia
The Propylaia


The monumental building complex at the entrance to the Acropolis. 437-432 B.C. The monument, created by the architect Mnesikles, is an absolutely original multi -functional composition combining Ionic and Doric orders.
In the Propylaea the 2nd (from the south) architrave of the east facade of the monument has been restored in 1981-1982. In 1990-1992 the parts of the coffered ceiling of the monument, restored at the beginning of the century, have been dismantled. The dismantled architectural members are being repaired on the ground and the various fragments off the dismantled ceiling coffers are being re-assembled in their original positions.
In the future work is planned on all the previously restored parts of the monument as well as on the lateral south ana north, aisles.






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