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                                                          The Erechtheion
The Erechtheion


Ionic temple dedicated to Athena, Poseidon, Erechtheus and other chthonic deities of Attica. 421- 406 B.C.
Restoration work was carried out on this monument between 1979-1987. The parts of the monument that had been restored earlier this century were dismantled and the architectural members treated on the ground. When reassembling the monument, the north wall was restored to a greater height by reinserting blocks newly identified. The structural resistance of the monument was reinforced by restoring its northeast comer using cement casts of the original column and the blocks of the entablature above, which are now in the British Museum. Cement casts have also replaced the Caryatids of the south porch. Five of the original statues are In the Acropolis Museum, the sixth one being in the British Museum.






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