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                                                                Ancient roads
The acropolis of Athens

Three ancient roads meet outside the southeast corner of the Sanctuary of Dionysos. The first connected the Olympieion with the South Slope of the Acropolis and the Sacred Rock. The second, oriented southeast-northwest, went from the south fringes of the city to the east entrance (parodos) of the Theater of Dionysos. In its course, along the east precinct wall, it joined the end of the ancient Street of the Tripods , before the propylon of the sanctuary. The third road, from the southwest, probably crossed the other two outside the southeast corner of the Sanctuary of Dionysos. In the niche formed by the

southeast corner of the precinct wall were found the remains of a small roadside shrine of porous stone . It was dedicated to an unknown deity, perhaps Hekate or Hermes.
South of the precinct wall and the road-side shrine, are the ruins of a single-aisled basilica sacred to St. Paraskevi. Known more from drawings than from other sources, it had three building phases from 1687 to 1860. Today one sees its second phase, dated in the 17th century.


Part of ancient road              Part of the ancient road I which was found to traverse the Makrygianni site in a NW to SE direction.




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