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The Ancient Greeks in America Page 2

Below are some pictures that prove the existance of the Greek civilization at the B.C. ages ,all over the America's region. If these pictures are not proofs for the existance of the ancient Greeks in America the word "proof" has lost it's meaning. These pictures have to do with the ancient civilizations of Incas, Maya, Toltecs, Olmecs, Aztecs and all these cultures have the Greek influence inside them . Each thumbnail photo is a link to a larger version of the same photograph.

Argentina hydia

Argentina northwest excavations a funeral hydria.

Cycladic pottery

Naxos. Early cycladic ceramic 3200-2300 B.C.

Palacio de las grecas

Palacio de las grecas Mitla Mexico. Even Parthenon in the Acropolis hasn't so many meanders, greek keys, and spirals.

Acropopolis the Erechteion

Acropolis - the Erectheion.

Chilean Panpipes

The Pan Flute from Chile.

Statue of Pan

The Pan Flute from a greek statue of the god Pan.

Anasazi pottery

Anasazi pottery definetly of greek style decorated with greek symbols and greek keys. From the museum of San Juan New Mexico.

Neolithic pottery - Sesklo

Neolithic pottery from Sesklo Thessaly about 5000 B.C. From the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.

Bimini pithoid jar

Pithoid jar from Bimini - Bahamas with double axes depicted on it.

Double axes

Minoan giant double axe from the Museum of Herakleion Crete.

Uxmal sculpture

Uxmal sculpture with many greek symbols. Mexico.

Mycenaean symbols

Mycenaean symbols with antithetic L. From the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.




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