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                             The Official Opening of the new Acropolis Museum
The acropolis museum

With brilliance completed the inauguration of the new Acropolis Museum, with the minister of Culture mr. Antonis Samaras to welcome the guests to a familiar, as he said, environment.

Referring to the Marbles in the British Museum Mr. Samaras said: «We can work sincerely with the British Museum. We can overcome the gap that will occur to the British Museum, borrowing from Greece using interchangeable exhibitions great samples of ancient Greek art».

Two museum surprises, caused the excitement of the first visitors of the museum.

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In a case of the floor of the first hall - where are kept findings from the slopes of the Acropolis - and already existed a set of broken pottery from a house foundation ceremony of the 3rd century BC., placed also a vase, a kantharos (glass of wine). Then with the words «the Athenian Goddess of the city lives here. Do not get inside anything evil», was the signal for the start of the tour which included some of the most important points from the
4000 exhibits that are hosted in the museum.

The tour of the guests organized by the archaeologists Mr. Pantermalis, and Mr.Mantis.

The tour included stops at the following points:

- Ramp (the Holy slopes)

- Sanctuary of Asclepius

- Relief of Telemachus

- Findings from the Asclepieion

- The pediment of Hekatompedon (the earliest Parthenon).

- The Archaics (Moschophoros - Peplophoros, the Antenor's kore, pais of Critias)

- Caryatids

- The parapet of Athena Nike and

- The hall of Parthenon

At the end of the walk and in front of the position of the eastern frieze, was placed the mold form of the original head of Iris, which was kept in the old Acropolis Museum. Almost enchanted by the excellent atmosphere of the internal part of the museum and the surrounding area, the guests arrived in the terraces of the 3rd floor to watch the «reliving» of statues, from the videos that had been edited.

A unique audio-visual spectacle awaits visitors of the new museum on the Acropolis during the four days inauguration, as each night via video projected on the walls of the nearby buildings the images of exhibits with the help of the technology «are getting alive». The spectacle which attracted the visitors and bystanders, the first day of the inauguration, will appear every night and the next three days, under the sacred rock of Acropolis.

Even before its inauguration, the 130-million-euro museum is proving a big hit with Greeks and foreigners alike, as some 9,000 tickets have already been booked online at





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