Ancient greek thesaurus

Open for the public the ground floor of new Museum of Acropolis in Athens (21/12/2007).

Tomorrow opens from, 22 December, for the public, the entry in the ground floor of New Museum  of Acropolis with the report "The Museum and the Excavation", inviting all to visit. The big excavation which became in the space where was manufactured the New Museum of Acropolis, revealed an important neighborhood of  ancient Athens. It brought in the light the streets, the houses, the baths and the laboratories of persons that lived in the point, in the all duration of antiquity.  They are what today appears under the glass floorings and the balconies of the museum and the public has now the occasion to see at at his visit, as also and utilitarian objects of ancient residents, that were found in the excavation and had pre-exposed, in July 2006, in the building Bailer. The report is organised under the responsibility of ministry of  Culture and by the Organism of Construction of New Museum of Acropolis and A Eforeia Prehistory and Classic Antiquities. Will remain open until 31 March 2008, daily from 10.00 until 12.00 minus the holidays. It is marked that the spaces of museum, except the ground floor, are not accessible for the public while is continued archaeological work that concerns in the exhibits of museum.


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